2020 to 2021: What days are in front of us?

Farewell 2020, Hello 2021. As the night wore on, the cover of the most recent year had just fallen and the New Year unfolded. This way one year is lost after another in the belly of time. The age of the world is expanding. We are getting more seasoned, as well. Individuals fail to remember all distresses and welcome the New Year with satisfaction and festivity; be that as it may, nobody understands what will occur later on.

The year 2020 began with incredible eagerness in this nation. Walk 17, 2020 was the birth century of the engineer of this nation Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman. In such manner, it was chosen to praise the event as the ‘Mujib Year’ through different projects from March 17, 2020 to March 26, 2021.

A wide range of arrangements were made for the festival of the ‘Mujib Year’ declared through different brilliant plans consistently. It was arranged that on March 17, 2020, within the sight of some world chiefs including the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, the festival of ‘Mujib Year’ would authoritatively start with the primary service of the birth century at the National Parade Ground.

Within the sight of President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheik Hasina, the occasion was intended to include holographic introductions and signature melodies on Bangabandhu’s character and vocation, social projects and firecrackers, and theme by many youngsters.

The coordinators had intended to assemble 1.5 lakh individuals at the occasion; in any case, the fortune was not in kindness. Everything went astray in the unfortunate hands of the Covid-19 pandemic. The occasion at the National Parade Ground must be deferred because of the worldwide circumstance brought about by the Corona infection.

Nonetheless, as indicated by the changed arrangement, the Mujib Year festivities were to be proceeded over time by dodging public social occasions and the alternative was left open to sort out the occasions expected to be held within the sight of unfamiliar visitors at a later advantageous time.

A troublesome year has passed throughout the entire existence of this nation. In the new past, the individuals of this nation have never confronted a particularly troublesome test. At the point when the nation was pushing ahead with the Vision-2021 out of a quiet however firm advance, this blow of Covid-19 pandemic gave a major stun to the general advancement. At the point when the primary Covid-19 patient was recognized on March 8, individuals actually didn’t comprehend what was happening. When everything was closed down to forestall disease, individuals gradually started to feel the warmth. The ‘lockdown’ of around over multi month demonstrated amazing. Numerous individuals lost their business and sat out and about. Eventually, the public authority had to open everything aside from the instructive establishments, regardless of the way that the Covid-19 circumstance had not improved fundamentally.

Luckily, the pandemic showed up moderately less deadly in this nation than in numerous different pieces of the world. Subsequently, the underlying effect on the medical care framework could be overseen absent a lot of trouble. Notwithstanding, because of the closure of ventures for quite a while, numerous specialists lost their positions and creation was influenced.

Notwithstanding the stagnation of creation exercises from one viewpoint, the shopper nations have likewise imploded in the grip of Covid-19 then again, causing numerous sets of fare situated businesses to stall out.

In spite of the fact that the public authority has attempted to manage the ominous circumstance in the business and exchange by declaring monetary motivating forces, numerous little and medium undertakings, as per experts, have not had the option to make the most of this open door because of fundamental multifaceted nature and absence of adequate involvement with such financial exercises. The conclusion of shops and shopping centers has prompted a genuine emergency for merchants and the staffs subject to them.

The pay rates and stipends of the officials and representatives working in different non-legislative associations were halted. At the point when the wheel of the economy in the nation ground to a halt from one viewpoint, the exiles working in various nations of the world began getting back to the nation in gatherings in a single piece.

This not just added another measurement to the quantity of jobless individuals in the nation, yet additionally hindered the progression of settlements in the nation. The circumstance started to getting back to business as usual after the ‘lockdown’ had been lifted. Also, simultaneously, the circumstance in numerous pieces of the world got leveled out.

Accordingly, the entryway to worldwide correspondence and exchange started to open once more. Ostracize returnees additionally started to re-visitation of their working environments. The issue is, with the beginning of winter, the pace of Covid-19 disease started to increment again in better places. Moreover, new and more infectious Covid-19 infections have been accounted for in numerous nations.

In the present circumstance, Saudi Arabia as of late reported the conclusion of all worldwide trips for seven days. Europe has additionally seen a prohibition on global trips after another strain of the Covid-19 infection was recognized in Britain.

Coronavirus had its greatest blow on training exercises. Instructive foundations have been shut since March.

In spite of the fact that the public authority opened workplaces, courts, shops and processing plants with some danger, it didn’t face the challenge of opening instructive organizations. At one phase, instructive establishments chose to take classes on the web, yet numerous understudies living in far off zones are being victimized because of helpless organizations.

The greatest obstacle showed up directing assessments. At one phase the specialists had to choose to give Higher Secondary (HSC) and identical assessment results based on normal of JSC and SSC assessment scores. Before the finish of November, the occurrence of Covid-19 contamination dropped significantly, with many trusting that possibly inside a brief timeframe there will be a circumstance like opening instructive establishments. Yet, that was a fly in the salve. With the beginning of winter, true to form, the rate of Covid-19 contamination in the nation started to rise once more.

The New Year has come among us in this background. This year points the 50th commemoration of freedom. Everybody is anxiously anticipating the grave festival of the brilliant celebration of freedom next March. In any case, will that open door truly come? Would we be able to expect brisk subsiding of the upturn in the pace of Covid-19 contamination? Maybe the lone expectation is the appearance of antibody. Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna antibodies have just been endorsed by administrative experts in nations, for example, the United States. A few different immunizations may likewise be endorsed soon. The inquiry is, when can these antibodies arrive at nations like our own?

It is trusted that the principal transfer of immunizations will contact us by January-February. As indicated by the World Health Organization’s forecasts, it might take until mid-2021 for mass inoculation to start. Here one point merits specific consideration. Arriving at everybody with the antibody isn’t the just getting looked at; there is additionally the subject of delivering an adequate number of immunizations.

COVAX, an alliance framed with a responsibility of guaranteeing worldwide fair admittance to Covid-19 immunizations, needs to guarantee 200 million portions of antibodies by 2021 for its partners. They trust that this will guarantee inoculation of at any rate 20% of the all out populace of every nation. As per Adar Poonawalla, Head of the Serum Institute of India, it will require 4-5 years for the Covid-19 antibody to arrive at everybody on the planet.

With everything taken into account, we are in a condition of vulnerability; it is hard to state when we will dispose of it. Notwithstanding, Covid-19 has been a gift to us it might be said. The hopeless condition of the medical care framework in practically all pieces of the world, including many created nations, has never been uncovered so in an exposed fashion.

This pandemic appeared with a finger in the eye, there isn’t anything to state about the investment funds of a huge part of the number of inhabitants in a nation like our own. It is hard for the state contraption to keep them buzzing with appropriations in any event, for 2-4 months when monetary exercises unexpectedly stop.

We couldn’t have ever acknowledged so well the significance of presenting frameworks like schooling and office exercises on the web and the requirement for fast extension and improvement of the web organization and the way that we are as yet lingering a long ways behind in such manner.

In any case, as everything has an end, Allah willing, we will have the option to escape this calamity one day. We will at that point need to go for fixing the misfortunes. The inquiry is, will we have the option to compensate for the immense harm done to our general economy and to the schooling of our understudies? In the event that we truly can, the inquiry remains: how, in how long and in what activity plan?

One critical occasion a year ago was the December 17 culmination between the Prime Ministers of Bangladesh and India. During the gathering, various MoUs were endorsed between the two nations for participation in different fields including farming, exchange and energy.

In any case, many trusted that the gathering would gain huge ground in settling significant issues, hanging for quite a while between the two nations, for example, water sharing of basic waterways including the Teesta, Bangladesh’s immense shortage in two-sided exchange and ordinary BSF terminating on the boundary.

India, as usual, has vowed to pay attention to these issues, however it stays not yet clear how much such confirmations are reflected as a general rule. Also, the 1.1 million Rohingya outcasts, uprooted from the Rakhine State because of the Myanmar government’s oppression, who have taken asylum in Bangladesh at various occasions, have become an enormous weight for Bangladesh. India could assume a significant part in pe