Commending silver celebration of Asian University of Bangladesh

It involves gigantic delight that I am expounding on Asian University of Bangladesh which praises its silver celebration on 4 January 2021. Throughout the years since its origin, the college has been one of the main private colleges in Bangladesh.

Particular for its scholastic greatness, order of its understudies, submitted employees and a high feeling of social obligation, Asian University of Bangladesh is a brand name today. During the most recent 25 years, a huge number of understudies moved on from this college. Presently, they are working effectively home and abroad. We are glad for them.

In the event that we consider this college, first comes one name-it is Emeritus Professor Dr. Abul Hasan M Sadeq, hon’ble author Vice-chancellor, who longs for this college. Well done to him! He is an exceptionally relentless man with visionary force. He generally contemplates the splendid eventual fate of Bangladesh. His point is to achieve a heavenly change in the instructive area and subsequently add to the general improvement of Bangladesh.

His proverb of life is to make advanced education available to all gatherings of individuals in the nation, including the overall masses of the populace, country just as metropolitan, and new understudies just as working individuals at a nearly moderate expense.

That is the reason, out of energetic sentiments, bravely he endeavors to set up a private college to satisfy the need of advanced education of the understudies when he thinks that its unimaginable for state funded colleges to satisfy the interest completely as the extent of the understudies looking for affirmation for higher examinations at the colleges are recognizably higher than the accessible seats there in our overpopulated nation.

Thus, Asian University of Bangladesh otherwise called AUB was officially affirmed by the public authority of Bangladesh on 4 January 1996 as an educating and degree-granting college under the Private University Act, 1992. This college is the appearance of the fantasy that the bad habit chancellor of this college consistently esteems in his heart.

From its beginning, AUB has been pushing ahead the manner in which it ought to. It initially starts with 13 offices, 5 resources (schools), and just 295 understudies and a couple of employees. Steadily the quantity of understudies starts to increment progressively. In 2009, the complete number of understudies got 15000.

We realize no excursion is totally obstacle free. The excursion of AUB isn’t an exemption. It needs to confront a few difficulties in some cases. Despite hindrances, the hon’ble bad habit chancellor and his group never separate, never decrease. The bad habit chancellor consistently adheres to his choice.

He doesn’t leave things to risk. He works and sweats, and conquers the unfavorable conditions. Truly individuals around him have a long way to go from him. Under his direction, the college is working great, no uncertainty.

AUB has begun its undeniable scholastic exercises in its open rich green perpetual grounds at Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka. It is an advanced college. It gives library offices, lab offices, transportation offices, etc. Additionally, waivers and grants are likewise offered by the college to the exemplary understudies, the helpless understudies and the kin. Offspring of political dissidents can concentrate here liberated from cost.

At AUB Bangladeshi understudies as well as a ton of unfamiliar understudies additionally study. In any event, during the current Covid-19 pandemic circumstance, AUB is essentially directing all scholastic exercises carefully.

Additionally, it practically sorts out workshops, online courses and different projects. Subsequently the college has just had any kind of effect in the hearts of the understudies. New understudies come to AUB with a wide range of emotions – fervor, thrill, experience and different types. Throughout the long term, AUB has changed itself into a focal point of scholarly greatness.

With the grave promise to achieve strengthening through information, comprehensive development for financial projects, practical turn of events, planning understudies for worldwide prerequisites and produce more noteworthy degree for employability, the college industriously endeavors to support their skill and inventiveness through advancements in educating learning and exploration and expansion exercises.

Each achievement should be recognized and celebrated. Along these lines, to recognize the silver celebration in 2021, AUB has intended to praise the entire year maintaining our accomplishments through effort programs, scholastic talks and pieces, social exercises and displays, sports exercises and rivalries just as occasions featuring our worldwide coordinated efforts. During the celebration year, we wish all our previous understudies alongside the current understudies to take an interest in the assortment of occasions.

To talk reality, readily we are commending the silver celebration of AUB in a befitting way. For this we praise the hon’ble Vice-chancellor, Emeritus Professor Dr. Abul Hasan M Sadeq, visionary of spreading the pleasantness and light of schooling. I likewise praise any remaining individuals from AUB family. Positively AUB is progressing. Still it has far to go. Expectation, it will go wonderfully. I am glad to be a piece of this college. Good luck, AUB!