Will supposed prominent residents actually back enemy of government quarter?

Administering the nation for more than 12 years straight isn’t the lone accomplishment that Awami League can be credited for. Or maybe, numerous nations and associations across the world observe their crate of accomplishments in financial perspectives.

Be that as it may, is everybody in Bangladesh ready to take any exercise from them? Prior to taking over as the head administrator for the second term on Jan 6, 2009, Sheik Hasina, girl of Bangabandhu, announced a bunch of guarantees for the comrades. The vision she gave the whole country was inspiring the nation’s status from an ‘immature nation’. Bangladesh, the nation brought into the world through the preeminent penance of 3,000,000 saints, should change to a center pay nation.

Just before the Dec 29 political decision in 2008, she reported numerous different activities – attempting the professional killers of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman and the war lawbreakers of the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, spreading training and upgrading its quality, building up the force and energy area, and developing Padma Bridge. She progressed the idea of Digital Bangladesh.

The test presented before Hasina was huge. That Bangabandhu’s professional killers will be brought to book and the decision will be executed was even past the creative mind of many.

The Indemnity Ordinance declared by the circle of Ziaur Rahman and Khandakar Mushtaque Ahmed was outfitted towards securing the famous professional killers of the Father of the Nation for eternity. Indeed, even there was a danger that the preliminary of war hoodlums would prompt a common war.

Bangabandhu’s executioners, whose daringness had even gone to the degree of saying “Attempt us in the event that you can”, were hanged too. At the point when the date for hanging Quader Molla, famously known as the butcher of Mirpur, was sorting out, at that point the US secretary of state John Kerry ringed Hasina, saying in the event that he went to the hangman’s tree, Bangladesh’s parliamentary races may be crashed.

What Kerry neglected to comprehend was Bangladesh in its new shape. The World Bank couldn’t understand it all things considered. Tragically, the individuals who declare themselves as first class residents couldn’t sort it out by the same token.

It’s known to us that the tenth parliamentary political decision was set for Jan 5, 2014. The BNP and the Jamaat-e-Islami completed psychological oppressor exercises all through the nation to thwart this political race and the preliminary of war crooks. Petroleum bombs set the capital and different pieces of the nation ablaze. Consecutive strikes pushed the nation towards insurgency.

Who on the planet did observer another occurrence of 93 days of strikes and petroleum bombarding in succession?

On Feb 4, 2013, the Jamaat, which back in 1971 had coordinated the infamous Al Badr teaming up with the destruction executing Pakistani armed force, and its understudy wing Islami Chhatra Shibir united on Shapla Chattar in Motijheel. They undermined common war if the public authority didn’t stop the atrocities preliminary.

A quarter of a year later, Hifajat-e Islam played a similar note gathering on a similar spot on May 5 of that year. They were honored with the devotion depended on BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia. This trick was thumbed somewhere near the extreme position of the law implementers.

The executions of the decisions on war hoodlums were falling set up. The public parliamentary political decision followed its course. The Padma Bridge development won over all the neighborhood and unfamiliar tricks incubated to stop its encouraging. The venture essential to the financial advancement of Bangladesh was deferred by the unmerited cases about defilement centring it.

On Dec 10, 2020, Bangladesh arrived at a milestone by raising the 41st and last range of the Padma Bridge, an accomplishment recently exposed to preventing with bogus cases of defilement, which had incited the World Bank to backtrack on financing the venture.

Asian Development Bank and Japan’s JICA additionally got bulldozed, removing themselves from financing. Khaleda said that the World Bank didn’t back the Padma Bridge development as they smelled debasement.

Secretary of the common society stage SUJAN, Badiul Alam Majumdar stated, “Awami League government’s debasement in the Padma Bridge project is an obstruction to the unfamiliar help that it should get.”

Dr Akbar Ali Khan stated, “The advance dispensing association will take a gander at Bangladesh with question.”

Dr Iftekharuzzaman, leader head of Transparency International, Bangladesh who considered the World Bank’s position as of right, said that then correspondence serve Syed Abul Hossain ought to have ventured down after the charges brought by the World Bank against him.

Deplorable as it might sound, the individuals who remained by the World Bank’s case that time currently even neglect to condemn them. A few people pour all the faults on Hasina and her family. We owe a heart-entire thank to the Canadian court that exposed all the fantasies and named all the claims with respect to the supposed Padma Bridge unite as bent and outlandish.

On Dec 19 a year ago, 42 ‘prominent residents’ mentioned President Md Abdul Hamid to frame a preeminent legal committee to examine defilements, misbehaviors, and different anomalies executed by the Election Commission. Development of such a gathering is permitted under area 118 of the constitution when somebody in the established post engages in defilement or abnormalities. ‘Prominent residents’ are qualified for that.

Some of them enrolled their help for the BNP-Jamaat’s ‘Walk for Democracy’, set for Dec 29, 2013, pointed toward thwarting the political decision on Jan 5, 2013. They requested deferment of the parliamentary political decision using any and all means. On the off chance that that occurred, that would fill the need of radicals and undemocratic quarters.

On the off chance that they rose to the force, we wouldn’t envision the Padma Bridge project; Digital Bangladesh could never be longed for. Be that as it may, the pundits kept mum on the dim age requests made by the Hifajat-e Islam on May 5, 2013 – to figure the impiety law, sending ladies from articles of clothing ventures, instructive foundations, government, and non-government associations back to their homes.

The pundits loan no words about the individuals who thunder for all to hear against the soul of the Liberation War. General Zia even gave an announcement on Aug 4, 1976, banishing anybody from expressing the name of Bangabandhu and examining anything about the standards that the Father of the Nation lived by.

The tone he at that point set is currently conveyed forward by his supporters who raise the interest of annihilating the figure of Bangabandhu. ‘Prominent residents’ don’t think about the ascent of that underhanded power as a danger to vote based system.

Henry Kissinger, previous secretary of condition of the United States of America, when offered the most disparaging comments about Bangladesh, at that point a recently arisen state through the penance of 3,000,000 people, naming Bangladesh a ‘Endless Basket’.

Beforehand, two senior financial analysts of the World Bank offered almost similar comments about Bangladesh. As indicated by them, if Bangladesh could mount the advancement stepping stool, any country on the planet could.

Bangabandhu got the US capital Washington, DC as the stage whereby he could answer to the putting down comments made by Kissinger and World Bank specialists. As verified by Dr MA Wazed Miah in his book ‘A few episodes encompassing Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib and Bangladesh’,

“In September 1974, Bangabandhu said in a public interview that some counterfeit Bangladesh as an International Basket Case. Be that as it may, Bangladesh isn’t a Basket Case. Bangladesh has been plundered for more than 200 years.

It is the assets of Bangladesh that were made to enhance London, Dandy, Manchester, Karachi, and Islamabad. Indeed, even today Bangladesh is enriched with gigantic assets. Bangladesh will pivot and remain on its feet sometime in the future.”

Presently the world is looking at this Bangladesh with unlimited assets.

Here comes the inquiry: what number of ‘prominent residents’ articulated even a word about the inappropriate cases and choices made by the World Bank? Could they take the correct position on difficult Bangabandhu’s executioners and war hoodlums?

That Bangladesh, which had whenever been derided as an endless bushel by a quarter in the US and the World Bank, is currently discussed by the world’s most broadly circled English Daily, the Times of India, which noted, “India, take a gander at the east: Bangladesh is dominating India financially. We (Indians) should gain from them.” On the earlier day (Oct 14), Anandabazar stated, “India is falling! Bangladesh is flooding ahead in per capita pay.”

The World Bank’s previous boss business analyst Dr Kaushik Basu stated, “Bangladesh will walk regarding per capita GDP. However, we need to remember that India was 25% in front of Bangladesh in GDP just five years back.”

Indian National Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi said that BJP’s noxious patriot culture prompted enormous achievement – Bangladesh is stepping in front of India.

Bangabandhu over and again stated, “We need to remain on our feet. Homeless people are bereft of respect.”

IMF said that India is following Bangladesh in per capita DGP. It is likewise essential that the accomplishment of Bangladesh and the Hasina-government has been emphatically depicted by the Indian media. Simultaneously, India is asked to take an exercise from Bangladesh.

However, do we see that conversation in the media of Bangladesh? Have the ‘famous residents’ choosen to disregard that? Won’t they take in the thing others are gaining from the accomplishments of Bangladesh?

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, a few associations and individuals engaged with research and financial exercises delivered just the negative viewpoints.

For instance, The BBC’s Akbar Hossain brought up an issue in the principal seven day stretch of April – ‘Will the articles of clothing industry of Bangladesh have the option to endure?’ Eighty-three percent of the fare comes from this area. It adds up to over $30 billion. Be that as it may, the coming days will be horrible.

BGMEA President Rubana Huq