Nawab Chatga

Nawab Chatga vibes not the same as the extravagant, high end cafés springing up all over Dhaka city. This burger joint stands submissively unwashed in the midst of the rush of extravagance insides that motivate aestheticism in the time of Instagram. Be that as it may, what more than compensates for this realism is a legitimate gesture to the Port City of Bangladesh and the epic blowout each pedigreed Chittagonian savors by heart.

“Nawab Chatga was brought into the world five years back. Regardless of being a Chittagonian, I don’t visit my old neighborhood frequently. In any case, Chittagong is a culture I was naturally introduced to. I regularly get myself nostalgic, simply needing the food,” reviews Shahidul Islam, proprietor of Nawab Chatga, “In the wake of finishing my corporate profession, opening a Bengali eatery in Dhaka showed itself and I figured nobody might actually make a superior showing of serving the legitimate cooking of my own home than me,” edifies he.

Furthermore, this is actually what the burger joint values, with zero trade offs in quality. Each day is another day at Nawab Chatga that starts with vegetables purchased in mass, new off the trucks from Karwan Bazaar. Dairy animals meeting a rundown of standards are dedicatedly forfeited each day for the butchered meat to take into account the mass requests of meat burned-through here. No refrigerated meat is ever offered to hungry cafes and all extras toward the finish of every day is offered away to starving spirits around the area.

Crude fixings add up to only that without the hint of an expert gourmet specialist running the kitchen. Also, it’s the gourmet expert work in cooking Chittagonian food, who Shahidul Islam credits in maintaining reliable quality all through the coffee shop’s run. The gems selling like hot cakes on the menu that never miss to satisfy any client are the acclaimed mezbani gosh and kala bhuna (braised meat in curry and zesty hamburger with red chilies).

In the event that you are a difficult one to figure out and the general group pleasers have not prevailed upon you, there’s additional on the menu that is certain to make you salivate. So much popular it generally stocks out, the akhini biryani at Nawab Chatga is a banquet completely all alone. Their split chickpea lentils or, chana dal, chicken rezala, the Bombay duck seared fish, privately known as loitta mach—all sing flavors local to the area the plans are gotten from. What’s more, their jhuna or pulled meat is an outright should have!

Push through the entryways on the last Thursday of any month and you will be blessed to receive the most sensible smorgasbord around with abrading dishes overflowing with 15 or more of Nawab Chatga’s claims to fame. One dinner here will just slow down you a negligible Tk 799.

Stroll into the burger joint some other day whenever somewhere in the range of 12PM and 4PM and Nawab Chatga’s Quick Lunch offer will deal with you.

By Quick Lunch, the café signifies, “Assume a stroll in client orders one plate of rice, one serving of kala bhuna and chana dal for certain blended vegetables and a glass of water with some treat.

In the wake of taking note of it down, a hand motion flagging ‘five minutes’ will be appeared to the client. Inside minutes, the waiting assistant will hurry to the kitchen to bring his request and the cafe’s food will be served hot on the table in under five minutes.”

“Nawab Chatga is magnificent in its Quick Lunch. Since everything is cooked in masses each day prior to the entryways open, our food is consistently all set; nobody can take care of hungry clients quicker than us,” clarifies Shahidul Islam.

With such huge amounts being referred to, the eatery gives extraordinary consideration to tidiness and cleanliness. Furthermore, this responsibility is actually what has kept the spot above water in the midst of a staggering pandemic that keeps on plagueing the world on the loose.

Shahidul Islam’s drive to lease the higher up loft sitting on the café implies no representative is permitted to communicate with untouchables. From the cooks to the servers, all are settled and shielded in-house. Covers are obediently worn by everybody in staff during working hours.

Each table is purified when a client plunks down to eat. What’s more, toward the finish of each bustling day, the kitchen is hosed down clean regardless of whether that implies working hours stretching out till 1AM. The outcome is zero withdrawal of the infection since the pandemic began among the staff at Nawab Chatga.

Great food that takes care of the spirit — Nawab Chatga is an uproar clamoring with giggling from crowds of individuals and ethnic dinners so generous, you will feel like you are home. In the event that that is the thing that you are missing, run to Nawab Chatga; you will love it!