Faridpur’s Nurpur Beel buzzing with the ensemble of transient fowls

Individuals of Faridpur’s Bhanga awaken to the peeping of visitor feathered creatures during this season.

As winter has come, sightings of transitory winged animals in Nurpur Beel of the zone has become a banquet for the eyes while the peeps have been the clincher.

The water body has investigated huge and vivid water lilies and various types of nearby and transitory winged creatures.

Tune of thousands of winged animals – who have taken haven to pass the cold weather a long time here – are reverberating all through the region. Their music is becoming stronger and stronger as they are hovering high at night sky.

Consistently, the transient fowls overcome much from Siberia, China, Mongolia and the Himalayas in winter, looking for asylum in the hotter atmosphere of Bangladesh and to benefit from the abundance of fish in the shallow streams and trenches.

What’s more, Nurpur Beel has become an asylum for transient winged animals. Found 30 kilometers from Faridpur town, the water body has now transformed into a little bit of paradise with all its magnificence, shading, and sound.

Numerous guests have begun coming here to appreciate the dreamlike sight and music of nature.

The peeping and rippling of transient flying creatures including less whistling ducks, which are known as Choto Sorali, and more prominent whistling ducks, known as Boro Sorali, are entrancing the guests.

Additionally, they approached the area organization to guarantee that nobody can mischief or chase these transitory winged creatures.

“Executing or chasing transient flying creatures is a culpable offense under the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act 2012. I have offered guidelines to ensure that nobody pulls off such violations,” said Faridpur Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarkar.

Transient flying creatures begin coming to Bangladesh toward the beginning of November and stay until March-April to shield themselves from the awful cold of the northern nations.

Bangladesh contains wetlands of incredible organic variety and is viewed as of global biological significance because of the broad transient waterfowl populace utilizing these wetlands as its environment.

Bangladesh is inside the Central Asian Flyway of transient feathered creatures giving perching and taking care of environments on its clever wetlands, for example, Tanguar Haor, Hakaluki Haor, Baikka Beel, Sonadia Island, Nijuhm Dweep and some more, as indicated by International Union for Conservation of Nature.