Mother language, state language, official language and public language

In pragmatic sense language implies the arrangement of correspondence through discourse and composing that is utilized by individuals. It denotes a fundamental distinction between people and different creatures.

Language has various measurements at better places. Mother language is the primary stage. Mother language implies the language where a mother converses with her kids at their adolescence.

Circumstance may be diverse sometimes. On the off chance that a Bangladeshi kid is received by a German few, his mom language would be German, not Bengali. As such, mother language is the first language that somebody gains in quite a while life.

Let’s assume somebody was brought into the world in the United States however his folks are from France and they talk in French at home. The individual was brought into the world in the US where the state language is English yet their native language would be French since that is the main language they learnt.

In the genuine feeling of the term, mother language of a Sauntal or Chakma kid in not Bengali but rather Sauntali or Chakma language in light of the fact that however living in Bangladesh, since youth they are learning their own language.

Till today they communicate in their own language among their own local area. It is really pertinent to individuals of specific areas of Bangladesh viz. Chittagong, Noakhali and Sylhet.

Individuals of these areas are surely Bengalees and their mom language in without a doubt Bengali yet when they talk among themselves it is troublesome, even practically difficult to comprehend it by individuals of different locale. Indeed, others would get befuddled whether it is Bengali or some other language.

21st February has been pronounced as International Mother Language Day by UNESCO yet it is extremely uncommon that the expression ‘mother language’ isn’t found in seventh release of Oxford Dictionary.

In the language development of 1952 the primary interest was to announce Bengali (the word Bangla was not utilized them) as the state language of East Pakistan however the words state language are additionally missing from the seventh version of Oxford Dictionary.

In any case, the term ‘official language’ has been utilized in the Oxford Dictionary which implies that language which is utilized for true correspondence. The authority language and the state language are practically interchangeable.

Bengali has likewise procured acknowledgment of true language of Republic of Sierra Leone, a nation of south west shoreline of West Africa. To reestablish harmony, the United Nations sent countless powers there and the majority of them were from Bangladesh.

As an acknowledgment of appreciation to 5300 individuals from Bangladesh Army working in the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, Mr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, the then leader of Sierra Leon, announced Bengali as one of the authority dialects (not state language) of his country.

It occurred following 50 years of our language development. It was unquestionably a matter of pride for us yet no authority announcement tolerating Bengali as an authority language was given.

Notwithstanding the resulting reality, the name of Sierra Leone has been alluded to on the grounds that it is the lone outside country which pronounced Bengali as its authority language.

For Bengalees it is additionally another matter of pride that two melodies formed by a Bengalee writer RabindranathTagore have been acknowledged as public song of praise of Bangladesh and India.

The UNESCO has chosen Bengali as the best language on the planet followed by Spanish and Dutch. According to arrangement of article 3 of constitution, the state language of Bangladesh is Bengali.

Despite the fact that the state language of Bangladesh is intrinsically Bengali, the mother language, everything being equal, especially ancestral individuals, isn’t Bengali.

More than 40 (counting one Muslim) clans live in Bangladesh for the most part in Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, more prominent Mymensingh, Sylhet, Patuakhali and Barguna.

Practically every one of these clans have their own language. Notable ancestral dialects are Chakma, Garo, Khasia, Magh, Manipuri, Munda, Oraon, and Santali. Other ancestral dialects are Kachhari, Kuki, Tipra, Malpahadi, Mikir, Shadri and Hajang. Around 3 million individuals in Bangladesh communicate in their own dialects.

In this way, it is certain that the state language and the mother language are not generally interchangeable, rather extraordinary. Indeed, even the facts demonstrate that the mother language of all individuals from a family may not generally be the equivalent.

For example, renowned scholars Arundhati Roy and Monica Ali (victors of Man Booker Prize for their fictions The God of Small Things and Brick Lane individually) were brought into the world in a Bengalee family (indeed, semi Bengalee) however they can’t peruse, compose and even get Bengali.

India is a multilingual country. The authority dialects are standard Hindi and English at the Central Government level, however 32 states and 7 association domains have position to choose their own authority dialects.

Hindi, English and 15 different dialects imprinted on Indian money note are true dialects of various Indian states.

Bengali and English are imprinted on our money notes additionally which implies that other than the state language, a subsequent language is vital.

Bangladesh and India have no authoritatively proclaimed public language. There is a contrast between a public language and an authority language. A public language bears a passionate meaning having devoted and nationalistic inclination while an authority language is for down to earth reason for example correspondence at true level.

Aside from an authority language, there may exist different dialects which are spoken by huge bits of individuals in a specific country.

For example, the United States of America has no authority language except for state language is English. Numerous individuals communicate in different dialects viz. Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Swedish, local American dialects, and so on

It is extremely hard to discover a unilingual country as of now. There is a contrast between a significant and a minor language. Ethnic group(s) can communicate in a minor language for example their own language or mom language yet because of social, political and monetary reasons they need to gain proficiency with a significant language.

Typically, it is either the state language or official language, in light of the fact that without learning this language, it is preposterous to expect to rival others.

Minor dialects in Bangladesh are additionally confronting such verifiable reality yet there is another image of good faith too. To maintain, creating and growing the way of life, standards, custom and language of clans and ethnic gatherings seven specific social organizations, remembering three for sloping zones, have been set up by government. Steps have been taken to show ethnic youngsters in their own language at the essential level.

In the interim, reading material have been distributed in mother language of five ethnic gatherings. Around 132 elementary schools in those districts are giving showing exercises in their mom language.

It involves delight that International Mother Language Day and International Year of Ethnic Groups have been all the while seen in this year which gives us the message that language is an image of our vanity and solidarity.