Month-long virtual display ‘The Black Story’ set to start Thursday

Considering the worldwide Black Lives Matter development, a month-long virtual intuitive presentation named ‘The Black Story’ will start on Thursday.

The virtual display will be held from February 25 – March 25, 2021, at, said a public statement.

The new influx of fights against racial treacheries executed against the Black people group in America, propelled individuals of all tones across landmasses to announce “People of color Matter” in fortitude with the development, the official statement said.

Including a ground-breaking mix of creative articulation from five unmistakable Bangladeshi visual specialists and scholarly intercessions with worldwide characters, the show will investigate the unfortunate treacheries and generational injury experienced by African American populations.

With the plan to inspect, uncover, and embrace our recorded ties, this intuitive display dives into the communications between the chronicled Black and South Asian people group.

Nahar Khan, Executive Director of Gallery Cosmos, will introduce the uncommon occasion at 9:00 pm (BST) on Thursday at

The initiation of this virtual display will likewise be joined by observed Bangladeshi social lobbyist, women’s activist, and preservationist Khushi Kabir, and Nigerian American visual craftsman Osi Audu.

Suggestive works of art of five prestigious Bangladeshi visual craftsmen will be displayed close by online courses, photography, verse, film, and different sound and visual media pieces, in this uncommon presentation in its virtual exhibition.

“The presentation entitled The Black Story will remain as evidence that a significant number of the discussions around race, viciousness, foul play and separation focusing Black Movement have been left unconfronted for a really long time.

Albeit the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed the launch of the display, its cross-disciplinary methodology that includes the craftsmanship, sound, mold, video, photography, live syndicated programs, exhibitions, verse and music will make this occasion an extraordinary activity by Gallery Cosmos, considered and curated by Nahar Khan. Universe Foundation is enchanted to help ‘The Black Story’,” said Enayetullah Khan, Chairman of the Cosmos Foundation.

“The advancement of this display has been significantly groundbreaking for me on an individual and expert level,” said Nahar Khan, caretaker of ‘The Black Story’. “Conceived from a position of anxiety and duty, The Black Story was conceptualized with the objective of making a ground-breaking, supernatural collection of work that offers equity in portrayal and a variety of voices through the fine art and the discoursed exhibited.

My expectation is that this work will make a space for proceeded with endeavors to participate in significant exchange around issues of race, character and force as we investigate our past, look at our present, and envision our future.”

Taking an interest craftsmen in the presentation are: Alakesh Ghosh, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Afrozaa Jamil Konka, Bishwajit Goswami and Sourav Chowdhury.

Continues from the Black Story will go towards BIPOC-CA (Black and Indigenous People of Color Creative Association)